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Photographie Stéphane Ruchaud

Modèle Hélène Muccioli




Collection Numéro 3 ...




Is pretty much inspired by Nijinski and artists out of the Beat Generation. It expresses a kind of radicalism inter- twined with poetry and gives a feeling of classicism meeting subversion with an orientalistic touch.

Cuts are emphasized and do open out to express a sharp and vivacious feminity. Color palette is intense. Crimson, Burgundy and Jade give the line to the label signature Blue. This season, Indigo appears renewed through the use of calendaring or glazing techniques. Thus pieces are ryhtmed with motifs, a rough ornementation inspired by action painting from the 50’s.



Collection is presented at  Designers Apartment Automne-Winter 2016, organised by Défi and Fédération Française de la Couture et du Prêt-à-Porter.









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